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In the area of Rann of Kutch, there are several villages wherein Agariyas are spread. Most of these villages do not have any sort of facility for education, like schools or colleges. Furthermore , due to weather conditions and land issues , many agariya families are forced to migrate from one village to another , which affects their child's education . 



Working tirelessly in the salt field under harsh climatic conditions, far away from healthcare facilities, their bodies become prone to many severe diseases : diarohhea, jaundice, malnourishment, night blindness .

Health checkups are not a priority for Agariyas as they are already short on money and do not wish to leave their work even for a second .

Financial Status


We believe in supporting our heroes by recognizing their value. Despite the market price of salt being around Rs 5500/tonne, Agariyas earn a mere Rs 60/day. They can't afford a basic standard of living, which is disheartening. If those who contribute 30% to India's most consumed ingredient continue to live like this, they may lose their motivation to work. It's time to unite and assist these forgotten heroes.

Working Conditions 


Climatic conditions is not the only concerns with their job . Apart from this , many salt workers are deprived of even the most basic requirements while working , i.e safety equipments , shoes , gloves , etc . Working in salt fields is a very challenging task as the prolonged exposure to salt can lead to fatal skin diseases . 

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