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What We Do ?

The problems that we identified were examined and some solutions to the same were figured out. Keeping in mind Agariyas' requiremeents and occupation, we have come up with the following services.

Our Services



We try to ensure that all educational institutions are clean to study in and the teachers have the basic tools to teach the students. This will not only incentivise students but their parents too in sending their children to study, thus improving educational conditions around the village. 


Financial Status

We consider this aspect of problems to be the most crucial of all, as it is one such problem if solved properly can lead to the eradication of others too. For the same, we have come up with a solution that will directly profit the salt-makers. The wastewater left after the production of their salt is known as brine, which is rich in a lot of minerals like caustic soda, soda ash, bromine, etc. Basically, the water most of the saltmakers end up throwing is the main raw material for producing the above stated chemicals . 


Working Condition

We aim at providing each salt worker with the basic safety equipments like gloves, boots, and sunglasses that are essential for their health . This will help the saltmakers protect themselves from harsh climatic conditions and thus can result in increase in their efficiency too.

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